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Education and further training

I am a qualified Shiatsu therapist and hold the OdA KT branch certificate as a complementary therapist. I completed my 4-year training at the Ko-Schule für Shiatsu in Zurich. I have the EMR quality label and health insurance recognition. I am an active member of the Swiss Shiatsu Society (SGS).


Training as a Shiatsu therapist

Ko-Schule für Shiatsu in Zurich, April 2013-May 2017.


Basic training in Western Medicine

Biomedica Glattbrugg, www.biomedica.ch, October 2014-June 2015


Certificate Shiatsu Wellness Practitioner

Ko-Schule für Shiatsu in Zurich, September 2014


Embodied Life Mentorship Programme

3-year training in Zen meditation, Focusing and Feldenkrais with Zen teacher and Feldenkrais trainer Russell Delman www.russelldelman.com 2011-2014

Since then regular practice in Zen Meditation and Focusing as well as meditation retreats, especially with teachers of the Meditation Centre Beatenberg.


Recent trainings

  • Hips - All about hips, loins and groin: Meridians and treatment techniques of the hip. Anne-Katrin Soehlke, Phoenix School, (Sept. 2020).
  • Focus on shoulders: Anatomy, meridians and treatment techniques of the shoulder girdle. Phoenix School, (Feb. 2020)
  • Accompaniment in Complementary Therapy - with Daniel Schneitter, Phoenix School, (April 2019).
  • Branch certificate OdA KT as complementary therapist method Shiatsu (December 2018).
  • Empty Touch Shiatsu with Helmut Bräuer, Körperschule Allgäu, (July 2018)
  • Movement Shiatsu, Bill Palmer, Phoenix Schule Shiatsu, Zurich (June, 2018)
  • Health, ethics, human image, Peter Itin, Ko-Schule Zurich (May/June 2018)
  • Client and Therapist Safety, Biomedica Glattbrugg (January/February 2018).
  • Ongoing supervision as well as intervision. 


"I work with joy and passion as a Shiatsu therapist. Profound expertise, an open heart and appreciation for my fellow human beings are the basis of my Shiatsu work."

Janine Messerli, *1967



Professional background

I have always been interested in how people shape and cope with their lives: As a journalist, I have portrayed people in a wide variety of life circumstances. As a student of literature and folklore, I researched how people cope with the fate of illness. As a media spokesperson and head of public relations at Addiction Suisse, I learned a lot about how those affected and society deal with addictions.


In midlife, my desire to work more personally and directly with people became strong. I got involved in voluntary refugee work and started training in bodywork (Feldenkrais), Zen meditation and self-awareness (Focusing) with Russell Delman. There I discovered my joy in bodywork and also learned a wholesome way of dealing with difficult emotions and situations.


Since the beginning of 2016 I have been working as a self-employed Shiatsu practitioner, and since 2017 as a health insurance-approved therapist. In addition, I work 2.5 days a week in my original profession as a communication manager in the cultural sector (Translation House Looren).


Accompanying people on their way with Shiatsu fulfils me and gives me pleasure again and again. In doing so, I focus on the potential and resources of a person. Empathy, interest and appreciation for my fellow human beings as well as the belief that we are basically whole even with our complaints form the basis of my therapeutic work.


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Janine Messerli

Dipl. Shiatsu-Therapeutin SGS/EMR

Eidg. dipl. Komplementär-Therapeutin OdA KT


Im Grüene 17, 8610 Uster

076 415 67 67